The short of it.

Proats started out of the personal need to add a quick & healthy meal to my day.

After 2 years of experimenting, I ended up with what’s in our pouches today.

I want to share the very same treat that's been fueling my busy days.

I sincerely hope you and the fam enjoy them.

-Lee | Founder | Just Proats

Why you should care?

When we eat good, we feel good. I hope we both agree on that.

But what does it actually mean to "eat healthy"?

80/20 is a good rule!

Eating nutritious foods 80% of the time, while indulging for the remaining 20%

That means...

If you can figure out just one healthy meal you can stick to everyday, you're already half way there.

Need one? proats!

Simple and INCREDIBLY delicious.

And ofcourse... healthy.